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Animate enables you to create an HTML5 Canvas document with rich artwork, graphics, animations, and so on. It means that you can use the traditional Animate timeline, workspace, and tools to create content, but produce HTML5 output. With a few simple clicks, you are ready to create an HTML5 Canvas doc and generate a fully functional output.

Animate generates HTML and JavaScript for content includes bitmaps, vectors, shapes, sounds, tweens, and so on created on stage.

Animate seamlessly translates objects created on stage in to their Canvas counterparts. As you begin working with the HTML5 Canvas document, you notice that certain features and tools are not supported and are disabled.

For example, 3D transformations, dotted lines, bevel effects are not supported. CreateJS is a suite of modular libraries and tools which enable rich interactive content on open web technologies via HTML5. You can also manipulate this JavaScript file to enhance your content. It means that you can actually add JavaScript code to individual objects on stage from within Animate and preview at author-time.

In turn, Animate provides native support for JavaScript with useful features within the code-editor to help improve workflow efficiency of programmers. You can choose individual frames and keyframes on the Timeline to add interactivity to your content.

For more information about writing JavaScript code, see this link. JavaScript code can be written directly in the Actions panel, and it supports the following features while writing the JavaScript code:. Code Hinting. Allows you to quickly insert and edit JavaScript code and without mistakes. As you type characters in the Actions Panel, you can see a list of candidates that possibly complete your entry.

These features help improve workflow efficiency when adding interactivity to objects on stage. They are:. Syntax Highlighting. Displays code in different fonts or colors according to the syntax. This feature allows you to write code in a structured manner, helping you visually distinguish correct code and syntax errors. Code Coloring. Displays code in different colors according to the syntax.

This allows you to visually distinguish various parts of a syntax. You can add interactivity to shapes or objects on stage using JavaScript. You can add JavaScript to individual frames and keyframes. You can add interactivity using JavaScript code snippets available within Animate. For more information about adding JavaScript code snippets, see this article. Javascript gives you varieties of options to make the animation interactive. Want to learn how to add interactive movements to your character?

Watch the tutorial at the end of this example and follow these steps. The directory the FLA is published to. This defaults to the same directory as the FLA, but can be changed by clicking the browse button ” Loop Timeline.

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The limitations of embedded video include:. At runtime, the entire video must fit into the local memory of the playback computer. The length of an imported video file cannot exceed frames. Embedding a video within a Animate file. Select one of the following options: Load external video with playback component : Imports the video and creates an instance of the FLVPlayback component to control video playback.

Click Browse and select the video file from your computer and click Next. Choose the symbol type with which to embed the video. Movie Clip. Import the video clip directly onto the Stage and the Timeline or as a library item. If the video file contains audio that you don’t want to import, deselect Include audio. Import video files into the library.

Change the properties of a video clip. In the Video Properties dialog box, you can do the following: View information about an imported video clip, including its name, path, creation date, pixel dimensions, length, and file size Change the video clip name Update the video clip if you modify it in an external editor Import an FLV or F4V file to replace the selected clip Export a video clip as an FLV or F4V file.

Change video instance properties in the Property inspector. Select an instance of an embedded or linked video clip on the Stage. Enter an instance name in the Name text field on the left side of the Property inspector. Enter values for W and H to change the dimensions of the video instance.

Click Swap. Select a video clip to replace the clip currently assigned to the instance. View video clip properties in the Video Properties dialog box. Select a video clip in the Library Panel. Select Properties from the Library Panel menu, or click the Properties button located at the bottom of the Library Panel. The Video Properties dialog box is displayed. Assign a new name to, update, or replace a video.

Do one of the following:. To assign a new name, enter the name in the Name text field. To update a video, navigate to the updated video file and click Open. Control video playback using the Timeline. Update an embedded video after editing its source file. Select the video clip in the Library Panel.

So if you’re looking for the best way to create animations for the web, Adobe Animate CC is the no-brainer choice. Adobe Animate CC is also affordable, making it a great value for your money. Overall, it’s an excellent tool for creating animations. So if you’re looking for the best way to create animations for the web, give it a try! Topics: Adobe , animation , training , Adobe Certification.

If you are vision-impaired or have some other disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act or a similar law, and you wish to discuss potential accommodations related to using the Future Media Concepts website, please contact joeln fmctraining. Future Media Concepts, Inc. Home Why FMC? Classroom in a Blog. Bring Your Ideas to Life Whether you’re interested in creating games, TV shows, websites, or eLearning content, Animate is the perfect tool for bringing your ideas to life.

Develop Interactive Content for Web and Mobile Adobe Animate is the perfect tool for creating interactive web and mobile content. Who uses Adobe Animate CC? Some of these features include but are not limited to: Modern Rigging With the latest update to Adobe CC, users now have access to advanced rigging capabilities that allow for streamlined character animation.

Enhanced Layer Parenting Adobe’s Creative Cloud has always been at the forefront of digital creativity, and its new update is no exception. Last Frame Option This innovative update is designed to make the graphic symbol even more powerful and useful than ever before. Assets Panel The revamped assets panel in the software update allows you to find, organize, and manage assets within the new Default and Custom tabs.

Social Share One of the best features of this versatile tool is its ability to post animations directly to your YouTube channel quickly. Author: Timothy Brauning.



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This software used to be loved by animators to create animated graphics. The touch of coloring and the resulting vector shapes is soft to create animated content. There is no doubt that the project results were obtained from this animation program because it is currently experiencing an updated version and the latest features from Adobe Creative Cloud.

Well, if you like animation and moving images, you must try the Adobe Animate program. Just so you know, animated videos and games on a website to plugins are sometimes made from Adobe Animate CC. Of course, there are lots of animation works in the form of vector graphics that you can find and create in this program.

Adobe Animate is a multimedia software that is useful for creating animations, formerly this program was called Adobe Flash from Adobe Systems. Adobe Animate is an update from previous versions. Adobe Animate is used to create vector graphic designs and animations for television projects, online videos, websites, web applications, internet applications, and even video games.

In addition, this program also supports raster graphics, text, audio, video embedding, and Action Script. In this program, animation can be directly created with a GUI Graphical User Interface without the hassle of programming.

Adobe Animate software also opens support with other Adobe collaboration software, such as Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop for importing various image assets. Then users can also import sound and video assets from Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere.

The ease of access and collaboration of the software is integrated because of the Adobe Creative Cloud package. Adobe Animate has become a family of Creative Cloud since its name changed from the previous version, namely Adobe Flash Professional. This software is designed to design interactive and dynamic web development as well as two-dimensional animation projects that are reliable and lightweight.

Therefore Adobe Animate is widely used to build and add animation effects to a website, interactive CDs, television programs, logo animations, movies, game animations, interactive media, screen savers, website navigation, animated buttons or menus, banners, and other web applications.

Adobe Animate is an updated version of the Adobe Flash program. The first version of Adobe Flash was FutureSplash Animator, a vector graphics and vector animation program that was released in May The developer of FutureSplash Animator is FutureWave Software, a small software company that developed its first software called SmartSketch, a vector-based drawing program for computer-based pens.

In , the company made an update by adding animation functionality to their product along with a vector-based animation platform for the WWW World Wide Web , which is why FutureSplash Animator was born. FutureWave was purchased by the Macromedia company in December , and renaming the program to Macromedia Flash continued for 8 derivative versions.

Adobe Systems continued to update versions of Adobe Flash, until on December 1, , the company announced that the Adobe Flash program would be renamed Adobe Animate. Starting from an effort to separate the Adobe Flash program from Adobe Flash Player, to improve the creation of HTML5 and various video content, the latest version of Adobe Animate was created which was released on February 8, Adobe Animate CC is limited in the variety of graphic creation tools, but this program makes it easy to import content from Photoshop, Illustrator, or Fireworks.

In addition, users can create dynamic content with the help of Action Script 3. There is also a library of standard codes to make coding easier for beginners. In addition to the features discussed above, Adobe Animate CC also has additional features such as a framework for text, data extraction in new formats XML, BIN, XFL , also includes the ability to export animations to various programs.

For the latest updates and improvements October release — version The assets panel feature helps in finding, organizing, and managing assets in the new Default and Custom tabs. The Default tab contains the various asset sets previously under the Animated, Static, and Sound clips section features. Users will create cool animations by combining various assets, which can also be downloaded with the Default tab. In the Custom tab section, all saved components or export files are available and can be reused.

With the Default and Custom tabs, users can filter, search, rename, and delete assets. You can also save or export actions, symbols, and bitmaps as assets. Finished animation projects are easy to share on social media in YouTube channels. You can add a title, description, or hashtag, and then click Share to create or upload a video on YouTube. Use the Rig Mappings panel to manually create rigging mappings with the appropriate character body parts.

Quite a brief review of the understanding and features of the Adobe Animate CC software. Hopefully, this article can be useful and provide understanding for animation learners and Adobe Animate software users. If you are interested in using it, please click the Adobe Animate CC download link below:. Adobe Animate CC for Windows. Contents What Is Adobe Animate?

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