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The Daiwa Team. Any printing or usage errors will not be considered binding by our company, which furthermore reserves the right to make changes to product specifications without prior notice. The Light and Tough concept has produced daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free of reels that are smaller and tougher than ever.

The Tough Digigear drive is reinforced and the components used give LT reels an unrivalled weight daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free power ratio. LT : New sizes of Light and Tough reels The LT concept integrates a series of sizes of light reels into an easy-to-understand sizing system The table below lets you see at a glance how the new sizes correspond to traditional sizes.

Entirely redesigned according to minimalist engineering principles, this light and compact models boast an even more robust Tough Digigear and a more powerful drag. For example, the Ballistic LT CXH weighs g et features a 10kg drag, while the former Ballistic and weighed g and g respectively with a 7kg drag. A or with a deep spool is XH 6. For example: if you want to buy an extra spool for the EX20LTC, you can either buy the ссылка на страницу Q spool or the compatible universal spool Daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free.

This compact design with a more powerful Digigear gives our LT reels an unrivalled weight to power ratio. These carbon components an ultra-light version way ahead of its make the reel lighter yet tougher than predecessors. Even lighter than our standard graphite. Light, tough hones the daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free of the reel.

We have trialled We have retooled the handle to and tested each detail in turn and bring it into line with the daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free refined the elements with surgical objectives of strength and durability.

Daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free new daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free contributes to the lightness of the reel. /37373.txt result is pure technical prowess in terms of toughness. Comparison of current models. Ballistic LT : Luvias PE-H : 17 g Daiwa 9. This symmetrical construction first appeared on the Certate HD and now marks a turning point in reel history, ushering a new generation of tougher reels.

The drive gear is encased in a one-piece body, tougher and better sealed than ever. This liquid joint technology was originally used for the internal workings of hard drives — providing dustproofing but not waterproofing. Daiwa engineers took on the challenge of creating a waterproof oil, working to control the intensity of the magnetic force. This took hundreds of trials with adjustments down to micron level! The balls are Standard Bearing encapsulated in a completely waterproof bearing.

These bearings are placed either side Water of the drive gear in our flagship reels. Magnesium body Carbon узнать больше Polycarbonate body Zaion is a Daiwa-exclusive material made of DS5 is a polycarbonate that has been developed Lightness is the by-word of all reels made from this highdensity-construction carbon offering corrosion An exclusive material used for reel bodies and by Daiwa to offer a carbon content twice as great light and sensitive material, which is coated with resistance and a tougher, stronger material than rotors alike.

The high-density carbon build offers as that of daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free graphite — making the reel an anti-corrosion treatment specially developed magnesium. Every detail aluminium alloy components are the toughest on An evolution of the Digigear made with precision has been redesigned: diameter, thickness, and the market. The result is daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free technical prowess in Digitally tooled gearing system with high-precision precise and strong designs.

Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearing More powerful fighting drag system boasting The clue is in the name of this ultra fast drag! The new grease optimises the energy efficiency several new high-resistance discs which eliminate Transition from free to tight drag in half a turn of the High quality and daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free anticorrosion ball of the drag, which engages more quickly and jumping and deliver a marriage of toughness knob and benefit from instantaneous adjustment bearings with a lifespan 10 times greater than a without jolting.

The Air Rotor stands out for its balance, toughness and sensitivity. Daiwa gear trains has been optimised to keep the risk of tangles to vibration thanks to the lowered centre of gravity. In contrast to classic cylindrical spool designs, ABS spools are tapered to limit the risks of tangling on the cast. The Neo Cross Wrap system wraps the line around with 4 times less force than a classic system. The system reduces the the spool in crossed spires for optimised offloading Less than 2g is needed to engage the Real Stopper risks of linespin on the on the cast.

EVA, Zaion, cork. Daiwa The combination of these two ground-breaking innovations guarantees the perfect balance between strength and lightness. The futuristic design is characterised by aerated holes and bevelled cuts. The slit Air Handle is an emblem of this avant-garde range.

Weight has been minimised daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free racing-car levels of precision, meaning the EXIST LT weights in at just g at size and g at — all the while offering the stability of a magnesium metal body. The wide side plate boasts an extremely stable screw which has allowed us to fit a brand new drive gear occupying the entire surface space, designed in aluminium for even more cranking power. The high-tech MagSealed oil is held in place by a magnetic field.

It has been placed at the centre of the key mechanical elements. The ultralight Zaion carbon rotor responds to the slightest Ultralight Aluminium Air Spool twitch of the handle for unrivalled sensitivity to movements on the line — this is where you CrossWrap line lay feel the 60 years of innovation in your hands.

Ultralight one-piece unscrewable and slit Air Handle The Japanese build quality makes no compromises in fusing the two key elements daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free this in aluminium exceptional product: lightness and toughness.

Latest-generation reel design. The ultralight Magnesium body has been This monocoque body offers full mech protection and houses a new slimmed down to the maximum. LIGHT The lightness of the reel has been optimised with an ergonomic and minimalistic design, leaving no unnecessary bulk to spare. The body and rotor are more compact and so lighter than ever.

All the free space is set aside for the mech. This high-precision cold- and digitally-tooled Tough Digigear boosts the winding smoothness and the toughness of the reel. This has been the task of our Daiwa Japan engineers: stretch as far as possible the gap between weight and strength. The challenge has been met with the birth of the Certate LT The ARK version offers a round knob designed for heavier work.

The fighting knob in perforated alu is incredibly light given its volume and offers exceptional winding smoothness. This maximises the benefit of the new monocoque alu body which guarantees maximal power. The feeling of comfort married with power has never been so strong. The durability of this model has been massively increased. The spool axis, pickup roller, bottom of the drive gear — all these vital components LC-ABS Long Cast spool are protected by Daiwa MagSealed oil, a protected innovation that is the fruit of years of Twist Buster II cross-spire line lay engineering and hundreds of dosing tests.

Daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free resolutely sea-ready reel ready to face up to Ultralight, unscrewable Air Handle tooled in monobloc spray and other corrosive environments.

The Monocoque body comes in a new compact design — giving the Certate LT a surreal compromise between minimalist design and the sensational power on the daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free. This LT concept has redefined the design of the Certate, with weight being shaved from every component. The ethos among our Daiwa Japan engineers has been to develop the very best Formula 1 by breaking the traditional compromise between lightness and больше информации. The Certate LT has been born.

The screw system has optimised space meaning the ratio of the size of the gear system to the volume of the body has been pushed to its technical limit. This technology optimises the advantages of the LT Concept on both the weight and power fronts. The aluminium body Certate LT has been given a high-precision treatment and increased durability.

Total handling pleasure as soon as you start winding: the slightest touch will set the rotor into action. The Tough Digigear drive has been designed by high-precision forging and digital tooling. This feat of engineering offers infinitely silent winding. Daiwa have risen to this challenge by guaranteeing the total sealing of a rotating element — the rotor — against ATD drag technology the body. The Certate LT boasts a Monocoque structure meaning there is no welding ABS Long Cast spool and no flanges — this only boosts the overall waterproofing of the reel.

The spool structure Ultralight screw-in Air Handle in monobloc aluminium has been revised and refined to increase its impermeability compared to the previous series. Daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free the one-piece build guarantees a more robust, durable body, all the while minimizing the chance of impurities getting inside. The one-piece body has been designed to give more space over to the Tough Digigear drive gear which fills the whole space of the body.

This advance in design not only increases strength, it also minimizes spool inertia, offering a smoother, effortless wind. The Zaion carbon продолжить чтение is compact, tough, and ultra-resistant to corrosion.

It houses a Daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free Digigear whose teeth count and high-precision tooling facilitates contact between the spurs and improves the overall smoothness of the wind. This is the ideal gearing system for eging — otherwise known as squid lure fishing. This flagship model in our EGI range boasts an Emeraldas cosmetic finish, offering the perfect combination of technical prowess, looks, and performance.

The new era of LT reels are lighter than ever before. The arc-shaped Air Rotor guarantees the perfect centre of gravity and optimal aerodynamism. Total eging perfection! Anglers are always looking for an extra edge and demand tackle that is lighter than ever. Daiwa is leading the way, of course, pushing our own boundaries of high technology, handling pleasure and weight reduction.

At the same time, LT models weigh in 50g lighter than the comparable non-LT reel! The Ballistic LT’s Aluminium Air Spool has been re-worked to reduce weight and the handle re-designed to save an additional 5g! The body is made from Zaion and the rotor from DS5 carbon. The Tough Digigear drive is reduced in diameter and the helicoidal teeth surgically cut to reduce thickness and bulk.

A technological marvel of a reel! Traditional design and classic looks house all the latest advances in reel technology. The latest generation ATD drag system ensures smooth fish playing power to safely tame big trout on the lightest of tackle.

The Prorex X LT is the capstone in a range to cover all your predator needs. Fitted with an accurate and progressive ATD drag to minimise the risk of pulling out on the fight. Boasting a High Tech internal mech, Digigear drive gear and arc-shaped Air Rotor for breathtakingly smooth and stable winding. The sleek profile hides a reinforced mech while bringing the Caldia under the g mark.


Daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free. Feeder Rods


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Daiwa windcast feeder 3 60m 120g free.Technical Details

EMCAST BR LT NEW Bite N’ Run reels The first LT free spool reel by DAIWA Desired g g g 9 9 9 9 99 CW cl. lgth. parts wt. guides g g. Fishing rod Daiwa Black Widow Feeder – feeder type rod with a weight of up to g and 2 tips. Available in / m lengths.


Fishernator fishing rods.

EMCAST BR LT NEW Bite N’ Run reels The first LT free spool reel by DAIWA Desired g g g 9 9 9 9 99 CW cl. lgth. parts wt. guides g g. Fishing rod Daiwa Black Widow Feeder – feeder type rod with a weight of up to g and 2 tips. Available in / m lengths.