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Microsoft office professional plus 2013 encountered an error during setup bootstrapper free

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We are glad to introduce the production version of the Laravel Toolkit extension. Added the following improvements to the extension:. Customers can now run artisan, composer, and other commands without having to specify the whole path. To disable the feature and bring back how the console worked before, add the following lines to the panel. To use ionCube Loader, install it manually. Note: The already installed ionCube Loader component continues to work but PHP updates no longer update the component.

Note: The vendor does not support myLittleAdmin since Using outdated components is not secure. You can still install the component at your own risk by doing the following:. Added the ability to perform custom deployment actions separately from the deploy command. Bootstrapepr use deferred execution of custom deployment actions via the CLI, run the following commands:. This screen provides additional domain creation options:.

To disable it, add the following lines to the panel. To disable this feature, add the following lines to the panel. Fine-tuned the password strength validator in Plesk to make it better at accurately evaluating strength of passwords generated by third-party applications and services.

The feature is disasbled by default because it may affect the automatic password generation scripts that must meet the new requirements. To enable the updated password strength validator, add the following lines to the panel. The feature will be enabled by default in Plesk Obsidian Read more about this feature. Indroduced a beta version of the Laravel Toolkit extension that allows you to manage Laravel applications running on your Fere server:. We would love to hear your feedback about this improvement.

Please send us your feedback to feedback plesk. To do so, add the following lines to the panel. Replace the link with plain microsoft office professional plus 2013 encountered an error during setup bootstrapper free, set the option to false :.

This prevents failed attempts to issue certificates and reduces support workload when microsoft office activator 2016 kmspico free certificate authority does not issue certificates for one or more country Читать. Converted the extension microsoft office professional plus 2013 encountered an error during setup bootstrapper free the SSL Microsoft office professional plus 2013 encountered an error during setup bootstrapper free In Plesk Obsidian This prevents failed attempts to issue the certificates and reduce customer support tickets.

To configure the feature via the CLI, run plesk ext sslit –wildcard-configuration -enable -nameservers 'ns1. To see more details, use the plesk ext sslit –help command.

It is now possible to hide the Monitoring license panel, which offiice the limit of websites and servers available for monitoring. To hide ссылка на продолжение license panel, add the following lines to the panel. It is now possible to limit the number of websites Monitoring monitors per server.

The default limit set by the Monitoring license affects multiple servers. To prevent one or more servers enccountered using up the whole license limit, add the following lines to the microsoft office professional plus 2013 encountered an error during setup bootstrapper free.

The extension now shows a warning if Monitoring stops processing one of your servers because the license limit has been reached or the server has been archived in the Monitoring interface. The method generates a new SSH key for a domain if it does not already have an SSH key generated for it and displays the publik key part as the output.

Added the option to restrict the ability to create backup to the Plesk administrator. To prevent users other than the administrator from creating, uploading, or scheduling backups in Plesk, add the following lines to the panel. Note that scheduled backups already configured by microsft other than the administrator will continue to run. Because of the incorrect file permissions, agent stopped sending the data to the Monitoring server.

To improve agent stability, we recommend that you install update 2. The extension now works with Composer 2. To rollback to Composer 1. Added the plesk bin action-log CLI utility. The utility can be used to extract action log entries in raw or JSON format, and also to manage action log rotation settings. See how to use the utility in Plesk for Erroor and Windows.

Decreased the page load time for a number of most popular screens in Plesk. Added the ability to по этой ссылке customers from changing the Recycle Bin rotation settings in Offife Manager. To restrict encoujtered ability to change rotation settings to admins and resellers only, add the following lines to the panel.

To change the logging level, add the following lines to the panel. The valid values range from 0 to 7. See Zend Debug Levels for more information. Plesk can now be installed on Ubuntu 20 servers running on ARM-based platforms as a Beta version with certain limitations.

Read more about the /24348.txt architecture in the article. Have questions or suggestions regarding this feature? We welcome your feedback! Note: To have this bugfix come into effect, update your Plesk to the upcoming version Note: At the moment, PHP 8.

However, the Plesk administrator can turn off the feature by adding the following lines to the panel. You will not! The SSL It! Plesk Obsidian At that point, you will still be able to bring them back by adding the following lines to the panel. Note: The showInterface setting in the panel. Keeping it will not hinder your Plesk server in any way. Plus, combining the SSL It!

Updated Roundcube to version 1. To deliver this, the extension now uses the general location of HTTP tokens. Note : If necessary, you can turn off this improvement by running the following command: plesk ext sslit –common-challenge-dir -disable. However, we recommend that you always keep the improvement on. On multi-CPU servers, depending on the type of data being backed up, this provides the following benefits:.

To enable it, add the following lines to the panel. Removed a number of Plesk extensions from the Plesk Micrrosoft due to low usage. These extensions are still available from the Extensions Catalog:. Due to security improvements microwoft by Google, if you are using Google Drive Backup Plesk extension to create backups on a shared drive belonging to a corporate account, you need to do the following to be able to make backups users with personal drives are unaffected :.

Fixed a security vulnerability in PHP versions 5. To have these webmail changes take effect, reconfigure all the existing domains by running the plesk repair web -domains-only command.

Microsoft office professional plus 2013 encountered an error during setup bootstrapper free integration with Monitoring, a new tool present in the Plesk cloud service. To try Monitoring, connect your Plesk server to Plesk and then activate Microsoft office professional plus 2013 encountered an error during setup bootstrapper free.

The extension wizard will guide you through these steps. Gave Monitoring a try and it is not fee current choice? Switch back to the old Monitoring you got used to over the last releases.

To hide or change the /6380.txt, add the lines of the bootsyrapper pattern to the panel. Improved the process of adding a domain by introducing a new screen that shows the following options:.

The new screen is disabled by default. The Plesk administrator, customers, and resellers now have a more concise interface delivered by the right sidebar collapsed by default on the following screens:. By default, the automatic deletion is enabled. The Plesk administrator can manage this feature and change its default settings by using the following panel. Note: The virus signature microsodt can take several minutes. Please wait until it is finished and do not interrupt the update.

WordPress Toolkit now supports configuring automatic updates for individual plugins and themes. This covers the following changes:. The extension now uses short-lived access tokens for authorization. From September 30,backing up to Dropbox becomes unavailable because Dropbox changes its authorization method. We recommend that you do that before the end of September. You can disable automatic version updates by adding the following lines to the panel.

It is now possible to adjust the limit of attempts to provide code within the specified time interval in seconds by editing the panel. By default, the extension has the following panel.


4 Methods to Fix Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper Has Stopped Working.


English UK. Case No. Case No: EGF Restart console to resolve. Case No: OWZ Case No: SVY Enable Windows Update service as a workaround. Case No: ADD Knowledge Base. Case No: XZN Case No: ZNT Case No: ELF Case No: JGX Hard restart works around the issue. Note: Deep Freeze 8. Note: You will need your new v8. Case No: SLO Case No: NWC These types of drives are mostly used in modern Mac computers. Case No: TVW Case No: MEQ Case No: KQH Case No: TLI Case No: EPS Case No: ZGS Case No: TUK Case No: HXA Case No: BBX Case No: AAS Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.

Shortly after release, an issue regarding certificates was discovered, forcing the retraction of this release. An updated version of Deep Freeze Enterprise will be made available once the issue is corrected. We apologize for the inconvenience. This issue is limited to customers who previously had v8. Case No: HZE Case No: YAF Case No: JTK Case No: PKI Case No: AXZ Case No: UFO Note: Email Protection and Web Filtering features have been deprecated to keep the product lightweight and to optimize performance.

This behavior occurred randomly and in an inconsistent manner. Case No: AFC The Windows 10 Anniversary Update introduced additional drivers into the system that interfered with the ability of our drivers to properly respond to some requests to our StorageSpace or ThawSpaces. Version 8. To increase the size, disable the Cache Window update option in the configuration, restart, and re-enable the option.

Case No: KNN Case No: BBE Case No: IRS Case No: QHJ Case No: LSG Case no: FPX Case No: CJZ Case No: ORT Case No: FFI This issue has been resolved for Deep Freeze 8. However, users upgrading from 8. Contact Technical Support for workaround. Case No: KYJ Case No: ZTD Case No: NYS Case No: LIG Case No: ANK Case No: CHN Deep Freeze is not vulnerable, it only flagged it as such.

Case No: UDB Case No: UBV Case No: OAR Case No: XSG Case No: HYA This happened due to racing conditions when user session starts up. Case No: UIY Case No: BYM Case No: IDJ Case No: JUS Must close network connection to resolve. Case No: QBB Case No: TKU Case No: BOL Case No: ZPM Case No: JWV Case No: RJI Case No: YUY Case No: KGQ Case No: SGB Case No: HLF Case No: DLI Case No: JUQ Case No: NAM Case No: KCF Case No: YVJ Case No: KVE Case No: WCQ Case No: WGO Case No: MOR Case No: VUT Case No: TVA Case No: VPT Case No: BXA


Microsoft office professional plus 2013 encountered an error during setup bootstrapper free. Office 2013 – Installation error, bootstrapper has stopped working.


Case No: FFM Case No: CQH FB Resolved an issue where status was not accurate for some period of time for workstations managed by Deep Freeze Loadin. Case No: IIA TT Resolved an issue where Faronics Core sometimes did not display the Deep Freeze workstation status after install.

Case No: PDG Case No: IDU FB Resolved an issue where after installing the Deep Freeze Seed, workstations were displayed only in Seed child node but not in Deep Freeze parent node. FB Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Loadin does not remove temporary installation files on the console computer.

FB Resolved an issue where the incorrect string is displayed on Loadin setup interrupted dialog. TT Resolved an issue where all Deep Freeze actions show inaccurate failure reason in Task History while running workstations where Deep Freeze was uninstalled. Case: Case L Resolved issue when Deep Freeze Server is attempted to be installed on a non-server operating system and the task moves to History with a Successful status.

Only after the push install is successful, the installer starts and the install process is launched. This is a beta version of Deep Freeze intended to test compatibility with Windows 7.

It has undergone a QA cycle. As with any beta product, this version should only be used if you have backed up all important data and are prepared to re-image client computers if something goes wrong. Mobile Device Management.

Celebrating 20 years of innovation. Select Product. Faronics Labs. Contact Us. Library The Faronics Content Library contains user guides, white papers, brochures, video tutorials, and downloadable files. ESK, MMR Resolved an issue where workstations were randomly disappearing from the master console and remote consoles after updating to the latest Deep Freeze Enterprise version. Case No: OWZ The workstation column width in the Enterprise console may revert to zero after it has been moved.

Case No: OKY Workstations showing offline status in the console after partially upgrading in some circumstances. FDM Windows 10 or 11 workstation randomly hangs, stops responding to commands, and loses connection with the console.

GYI Unable to upgrade Windows 10 on computers where user profiles are located or redirected to ThawSpace. LWM Idle time task not firing on Touchscreen devices without physical keyboard and mouse. WAQ Workstation columns disappear from the console when the computer goes to sleep.

ZFJ Deep Freeze Enterprise console is slow to respond when there are too many computer Workgroups appearing in the console. SYJ Version 8.

IOG Version 8. An issue with not being able to reliably install Feature Updates has been resolved as well. KUC Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze weekly workstation task was unexpectedly interrupted if it crossed midnight. KOX Version 8. Right-click on the Scheduled Task to pause or resume. Install All Windows Updates In addition to Security, Critical, and Feature updates, choose to install all types of updates when downloading Windows updates from Microsoft vs.

The file will be automatically downloaded from the specified location and launched on the workstation. Example: determine if Deep Freeze was Thawed from the console, locally on the client, or via Command-Line. Set Default Location for Installers Enterprise console can now remember where you prefer to save newly created workstation installers and configuration files. Set the default location while saving the file to your desired location.

Fixes Resolved an issue where the user was able to boot into Advanced Boot Options from Frozen state. OBL Version 8. The caching letter will be hidden in Windows Explorer. Windows Feature Update Support Now the Windows Update Task supports the installation of Feature Updates so customers can easily upgrade from build to for example.

Deep Freeze will respect the Windows Update advanced options that can defer such updates. Recovery Improvements Improvements in Deep Freeze maintenance recovery process when Windows updates are not marked properly, reducing the number and duration of Thawed restarts necessary to return the computer to a Frozen State.

Fixes Resolved an issue where the system became unbootable after installing Deep Freeze workstation on computers with NVMe drives using Advanced Format 4K technology. Case No: MEQ Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstation booted into Recovery Screen due to some system settings being reverted by third-party software or after upgrading Windows. Case No: NPW, BMB Resolved an issue where workstation task unexpectedly quits when the task notification message is too long.

JBQ Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Enterprise workstation showed Cloud Connector expired message after installing it on the machine where Deep Freeze Cloud was previously installed. OUG Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstation was showing the message of activation grace period expiry on already activated machine.

FXX Resolved an issue where scheduled end time for workstation tasks may show incorrectly in the Configuration Administrator. GNB Resolved an issue where set clone flag command is displaying incorrect status of Deep Freeze.

HAO Version 8. Case No: TLI Resolved an issue where, switching between multiple ports in Enterprise console while workstations are reporting in, the workstations continuing to report to the wrong port after changing the active port. Case No: EPS Resolved an issue where configuring custom security settings resulted in the workstation losing activation. Case No: HXA Resolved an issue where an incorrect warning message was shown when trying to install lower version of Deep Freeze console.

Thawed Alerts You can now specify the length of time after which a Thawed workstation turns red. Client Update and More Scheduler Tasks Administrators can now schedule to upgrade Deep Freeze clients whenever a new version is available.

Requires compatible hardware to wakeup from Standby. Idle Task Enhancement Deep Freeze now has the ability to Shutdown an idle computer without waiting for the first keyboard and mouse activity — otherwise, the computer may remain on all day.

First keyboard and mouse activity is necessary for Idle Time Restart to prevent the computer from constantly being rebooted without activity. Just specify the Configuration Name at the bottom of the interface. Administrators are also provided an option to Export the configuration as an Installer or Seed so first-time users are not confused about next steps. OS Build numbers are now displayed in OS column. Upgrade Notification Moving forward, post v8.

Review the release notes, download the latest installer and automatically upgrade your console. Case No: HZE Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze did not finalize the pending Windows Update configuration and the workstation went into boot loop in some instances. Case No: YAF Resolved an issue of random delays in restarts when they are initiated locally from the Deep Freeze workstation interface. Migration steps: Uninstall Legacy Anti-Virus.

Configure the new Anti-Virus 4. Install new Anti-Virus 4. Fixes Resolved an issue where blank password was accepted on Deep Freeze workstations. Improved console performance. Enhancements to prevent longer system startup on Advanced Format AF 4k sector hard drives up to 2X faster boot time. Windows Update Enhancements To address changes in the way Anniversary Update handles automatic Windows updates, Deep Freeze will take extra measures to ensure that the Windows updates will not be triggered outside of the scheduled Windows Update Task on Windows 10 machines.

This is achieved by disabling the Windows update service. Fixes for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Resolved issues with recovery screen on system startup. Other Fixes Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze caused performance issues and resulted in slow boot. Case no: FPX Version 8. Case No: CJZ Resolved an issue where some workstations kept activating the license key due to a slow network connection.

Case No: FFI Resolved an issue where the workstation did not perform Deep Freeze specific commands initiated from Core console or Cloud console until the workstation connects to the Deep Freeze Enterprise console. Configuring the proxy server in the Deep Freeze console ensures that Check for Updates, Announcements and Licence Activation features work. The Deep Freeze workstation also connects to the Internet for License Activation via the Proxy Server if it is configured in the operating system.

Microsoft KB. Fixes Resolved an issue where the Windows Update workstation task gets stuck till specified end time even when performing End Task action.

Case No: ZTD Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze console does not verify license if it launches on the computer where invalid license key remained in registry. Case No: UDB Resolved an issue where the workstation did not shutdown after no updates were found in Windows Update task. Improved error handling for Windows Update task.

Fixes Resolved bootloops that occurred if Windows Updates were installed during a workstation task specifically after reboot notification appeared. This option is selected by default. Fixes Resolved an issue where computers entered into a bootloop. Case No: XSG Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstations were randomly displayed as offline when the service terminated unexpectedly. Advanced users can even use regular expressions.

Remote Launch — run existing applications on selected workstations using your Enterprise console. Applications will run in the background using a system account without user interaction. Optionally include command line parameters. Push and Launch — send and run applications on selected workstations using your Enterprise console.

Send up to a 50MB file. Format ThawSpace — format ThawSpace s on selected workstations with just one click from the Enterprise console. View Select Columns — hide unwanted columns. Select by Status — the console summary at the bottom left of the Enterprise console is now clickable. Clicking each status will appropriately select workstations with that status in the current view. Maintenance Countdown Timer — a countdown is displayed to the end-user prior to a Workstation Task if Show Message is selected in the settings.

Changes will take effect at next reboot. Scheduler Enhancements — can now edit existing scheduled tasks and remove workstations from a scheduled task. TXT and. When the first two steps haven’t solved your issue, it might be a good idea to run Windows Update. To run Windows Update, please follow these easy steps:.

EXE error message, please proceed to next step. Please note that this final step is recommended for advanced PC users only. If none of the previous three troubleshooting steps have resolved your issue, you can try a more aggressive approach Note: Not recommended for amateur PC users by downloading and replacing your appropriate OUTLOOK. EXE file version. Please follow the steps below to download and properly replace you file:. If this final step has failed and you’re still encountering the error, you’re only remaining option is to do a clean installation of Windows EXE problems.

To avoid data loss, you must be sure that you have backed-up all of your important documents, pictures, software installers, and other personal data before beginning the process. If you are not currently backing up your data, you need to do so immediately.

EXE to your appropriate Windows system directory. Microsoft typically does not release Microsoft Office Basic EXE files for download because they are bundled together inside of a software installer.

An incorrectly installed EXE file may create system instability and could cause your program or operating system to stop functioning altogether. Proceed with caution. You are downloading trial software. Subscription auto-renews at the end of the term Learn more.

Average User Rating. All rights reserved. Original Filename: Outlook. EXE Error Messages? EXE – Bad Image. EXE Application Error. EXE could not be found. EXE could not be installed. Updated PHP used by Plesk to version 7. In Plesk on CentOS 8.

PPPM Nginx configs are now removed after nginx support was disabled. Web now works without a license key installed when TLSv1 is disabled for sw-cp-server. PPPM The list of static files served directly by nginx now contains the webp extension. PPP If the submitted text of the mailbox quota warning is too long, Plesk now informs that this text cannot be longer than characters.

The remote backup may not be restored. PPPM Mass email messages can now be sent if no template is used and only selected customers are chosen. Updated Kronolith to version 4.

Windows Updated ASP. Updated Horde to version 5. The extension can now migrate large mailboxes more than 2 GB to SmarterMail at a time. Fixed the following issues that could occasionally happen if the target mail server uses IMAP to restore mail for example, SmarterMail or later : Texts of email messages were not migrated completely.

Errors occurred when the emails were restored on the target mail server. PMT Migration now works if the source server has freshly installed cPanel of the latest version.

PHP Composer Advisories 1. The rule set from Comodo can now be activated. If panel. Windows If SmarterMail is selected as a webmail client, webmail can now be secured. Redis to version 5. PEAR components: Pear to version 1. Expired tokens are now removed faster from the acme-challenge directory on servers with a large number of domains. If the backup is indeed invalid, an error message is shown and the corresponding entry is written to a log.

The time synchronization settings are not available. Connection to the server might be interrupted the first time the Plesk Firewall rules are activated. PMT Emails migrated to SmarterMail no longer have their sending and delivery dates replaced with the date of migration in the SmarterMail web interface.

It is now possible to set thresholds in MB and GB instead of bytes which was previously the single option. The memory usage graph in Plesk for Windows now shows more available metrics. Units on the y-axis are now displayed more accurately: the fractional part is no longer rounded.

The extension now works with Composer 1. The Composer utility shipped with the extension is now automatically updated by default. The extension can now secure webmail on domains without web hosting. To see details, use the plesk ext sslit —help command. We suggest that users renew the certificate manually in due time. Additional fix was added for the issue previously addressed in WPT 4. CLI command for enabling and disabling Smart Updates on a site was added.

Run plesk ext wp-toolkit –smart-update to access it. Plugins and themes that require a license for automatic update will now cause a proper error message when users try to update them via WordPress Toolkit without a license. PPP Plesk Obsidian can be now updated to version PPPM Hosting settings can now be changed if the sysuser login has more than 20 characters.

The extension can now handle bit DKIM keys. Plesk Welcome Guide 1. Increased requirement to Replaced Toggle Button with Switch element for status change. Updated copyright year. Fixed inconsistencies found in the Plesk database before initializing Plesk. Also, some of the gloomier old names were changed to more positive ones for the sake of cheering people up a bit. Updated the destination of Changelog links on the Updates screen.

Note that certain plugins and themes do not support automatic updates, but display notifications about update availability anyway. WordPress administrators now have the option to disable the execution of wp-cron. Enabling this option will automatically create a regular scheduled task in Plesk, which means users can manually adjust the frequency of wp-cron. Reduced the number of screenshot creation timeouts. Exterminated redundant backslashes in non-English email notifications.

Still, we do not recommend using RocketLoader with Plesk, as not only it will not speed up UI rendering, but may slow it down and cause UI to flicker. The previous way of customization via panel.

The corresponding panel. If you used customization via panel. The extension now uses the same CA bundle that comes with Plesk. The check is no longer relevant. Other internal fixes. PMT If the protected directory name contains the dot.

The extension now automatically secures both and ports during Plesk Obsidian installation. Plesk now detects such issues, does not migrate the database, and shows a warning message. PMT Migration from cPanel no longer fails if a password of the source database server is enclosed in single quotes. Note that a number of limitations exist.

It is now possible to check for Plesk updates on the Home screen. Users from areas embargoed under Internal Export and Sanctions Compliance Policy can no longer use Plesk with a trial license. When the users proceed with a trial license, they see a message that Plesk is not currently available in their regions. Existing Plesk servers that were updated to Plesk Obsidian Removed the Cloudflare from Plesk Autoinstaller. Retrieving keys now works correctly a Bad Gateway error is no longer shown on servers with a large number of customers, resellers, or additional users more than PPPM Customers and additional users can no longer create subscriptions.

PPPM A database user whose password is encrypted can now import and export the domain database after providing the database password. PPPM The plesk bin pleskbackup server –exclude-domain command can now again exclude domains from a server backup. The main IP address is now correctly detected even under specific IP configurations. PPPM It is now possible to restore backups that have a mailing list without its owner. Subscriptions with the SmarterMail mail server can be now backed up correctly without multiple warning messages.

PPPM Technical reports are now correctly created and, if any issues happen, they are clearly reported. Syslog Watch 1. This procedure is particularly useful after migrating a website from a different location like your local workstation. CLI utility for the Clone feature was added. It can be accessed through the plesk ext wp-toolkit –clone command. CLI utility for the Data Copy feature was added. It can be accessed through the plesk ext wp-toolkit –copy-data command.

Remote sites with modified meta tag generators can now be properly connected to WordPress Toolkit, and their WordPress version is now properly detected. Well, better late than never! The extension can now be installed in Plesk on CentOS 8. After migrating mail, actual dates when emails were received are no longer changed to the date of migration on certain mail clients for example Apple Mail.

Resolved compatibility issues with the upcoming Plesk Obsidian You no longer need to close each notification manually. To read the notifications that you have hidden, click the bell icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Description for white and black lists was improved. Greylisting functionality was disabled to avoid delays in outgoing emails.

Sieve rules now have correct paths. PMT After importing mail, actual dates when emails were received are no longer changed to the date of import on certain mail clients for example, Apple Mail. PMT If the source Linux server has a custom umask set up other than , website import no longer fails with an error. If the target server has a custom umask set up, a website now correctly works after migration. LDAP Auth 2. The next automatic renewal should complete with no errors. PPPM Backing up one or more subscriptions no longer results in an invalid backup if certain information related to those subscriptions is missing from the Plesk database.

PPP Backing up a subscription when its DKIM spam protection is turned on but the corresponding domain keys are missing for example, because the DNS support is turned off no longer shows an unnecessary warning message.

The anti-virus installation link in the dashboard directly opens the proper slide. Added the Bypass Header rules to disable bad header blocks. Fixed the installation process of the anti-virus with the installed Imunify repository on CentOS. Newly created email accounts respect the current global server policy, not the hardcoded values.

Commercial Jetpack plugin plans can now be purchased in the plugin installation interface by end-customers. Linux Updated Xdebug to version 2. Improved the templates used by Plesk notifications sent via email by adding paragraphs and HTML formatting. Plesk now automatically checks whether the SMTP ports 25 and used for sending mail are filtered.

Changed the presentation of long running tasks in the Plesk UI. Updated the Dynamic View to make it render better on mobile devices. Added PHP 7.

Removed PHP 7. Users switching from a trial license to a paid one will now be asked to fill a short feedback form to let us know what motivated them to become a customer. Users that have been using Plesk Obsidian for at least 30 days will now be asked to fill a short feedback form to let us know their thoughts and opinions on Plesk Obsidian. Creating a backup in the FTP storage if the available disk space is insufficient now clearly indicates how much disk space is required for the backup to finish.

PPP The length of the user name provided as an argument is now validated by all CLI utilities, avoiding situations where the execution of some utilities failed midway because the provided user name was too long.

PPPM Domains not owned by the currently selected subscription are not shown to the Plesk administrator in Power User view when using the Classic list and when the total number of subscriptions owned by the Plesk administrator exceeds the limit by default. PMT Migration from cPanel to Plesk no longer fails if one or more reseller-owned domains are being migrated and resellers are not supported on the target server for example, because the Plesk administrator is in Power User view or because a license other than the Web Host Edition license is installed on the target server.

Internal security improvements. Set installation tasks happening simultaneousluy with WordPress Toolkit update to v4. Sped up the generation of web server configuration files for domains secured via SSL It! Updated the list of trusted root certificates with those from Mozilla CA bundle.

Unnecessary messages about wildcard certificate renewal failure are no longer sent to users from Plesk servers with the DNS service disabled. Plesk remembers your choice, but you can change it at any moment. PPP Separate files can now be restored from a local backup. Hosting Plan Exporter 1. Both hosting and add-on plans can be exported and imported. For example: when a service plan with the same name already exists on the target server, you will be offered to rename the imported plan; when imported service plan has a limit which does not exist on the target server, a warning will be shown on the import screen and the limit will not be imported; when target server does not support imported value of a hosting setting, you will be offered to select one of supported values.

Service plans are exported to JSON file format. Doing so helps us better understand what kind of monitoring for servers and websites our customers need. Advanced Monitoring can now send notifications via email as well as show them in the Plesk interface. It contains an overview of most important information about the server, such as CPU and memory usage.

On Plesk for Windows servers, all activity tracked by the extension in now correctly reported via the graphs. EXTPLESK On Plesk for Windows servers, the graphs on the main monitoring page are no longer empty if during the Plesk installation a directory outside of the Plesk installation directory was chosen for storing the user data.

Pop-up notifications about successful execution of various operations are now automatically hidden 3 seconds after appearing, so they are hopefully less annoying.

Improved various translation strings. The already issued Encryption Everywhere certificates keep working until their expiration dates. PPP Scheduled backups can now be created if the backups owner locale was not defined set to null. On new Plesk Obsidian servers, the Dynamic List view is now selected by default. Added a guided tour explaining the benefits of the Dynamic List view.

Plesk servers created via cloning now take less time to initialize. Changed and clarified the consent form text shown when a user is prompted to subscribe to the Plesk newsletter. Plesk administrator will see the new consent form and the suggestion to subscribe on their next login to Plesk or right after updating to Plesk Obsidian.

Changed and clarified the consent form text shown when a user is signing up for a Plesk trial. Revamped and updated the default pages shown to visitors of domains without hosting, as well as the Plesk default web page. PPP Windows Trying to manage mail accounts for a domain no longer results in an error if the domain has one or more subdomains and SmarterMail is used as the default mail server.

Improved support for Move Domains feature in Plesk Obsidian. Smart Updates will warn user if a Smart Update procedure failed due to specific. Smart Updates sitemap analysis was optimized to increase reliability. Screenshot previews in the email notifications about Smart Update results are now displayed properly. Scheduling certain events was certainly improved to handle this. Mail autodiscover can be now turned on and off for particular service plans. Added pagination to the Dynamic List view mode.

See the details. Returned to the three-digit versioning scheme x. Backups upload to the Microsoft OneDrive storage no longer occasionally fails. PPP Plesk administrators can now again install APS applications even if the administrators do not have their own subscriptions. PPP Users can now again restore specific objects a subscription, a mailbox, and so on from a backup if the backup size exceeds 4 GB.

PPP Plesk Obsidian now shows a correct update version and the last update date. PPP The Horde webmail client now again correctly shows email messages in plan text.

PPP Kaspersky AntiVirus no longer sends error email notifications when a Kaspersky license is removed or terminated. PPP Plesk Obsidian update no longer occasionally fails with segmentation faults. Special characters are now correctly processed within a Plesk administrator password during Plesk installation. PPP Significantly sped up the creation of subdomains. PPP Plesk upgrade no longer fails when run under a user with no write permissions for the Recycled Bin.

Windows Updated MailEnable to version Synced locale languages supported by the extension. Reboot of a Plesk server on Linux no longer stops the collecting service collectd. It is now possible to migrate from cPanel by hosting plan as well as by subscription or owner using the Migrator GUI.

PMT When migrating from Plesk WordPress Toolkit now spotlights 1 month free trial for Smart Updates to server administrators. Improved various interface texts. Placeholders like [at] used by various plugins no longer trigger false positive alerts during Smart Update procedure.

Additionally, links on the cloned website no longer redirect to the original website if it has www prefix in the URL. Paid certificates can now be used to secure domains with internationalized domain names.

Plesk Advisor now recommends the Smart Updates feature. New Plesk Obsidian features are now available for users in their native languages. The Advanced Monitoring extension is now shipped by default with Plesk.

Replaced old color icons with new grayscale ones. Improved the collapse and expand mechanism. Plesk administrators can now customize the mailbox quota notification email. Mail autodiscover can be now turned on and off for the whole server or for particular domains.

Rolled back the changes made to Active List in the previous iterations to keep this familiar view mode for customers who do not want to use the new Dynamic list. Improved how the preview of automatic email notifications shows the email subject.

Improved error messages shown if an extension failed to be installed: the error messages now contain the name of the extension that faced installation issues. When multiple files are opened in File Manager via Code Editor, Code Editor tabs now show correct content of the files.

PPP Rotation of server local backups now works even if the server hostname length exceeds 47 characters. PPP Monthly resource usage reports sent by email now contain the necessary statistics because the are now generated on the last day of a month. PPP It is now possible to create a backup without a warning if a folder that contained a custom branding theme was removed.

PPP If a server that has Fail2ban and Plesk firewall installed is restarted, Fail2ban and Plesk firewall are now started in the right order: sequentially and without conflicts that could be earlier caused by the simultaneous editing of iptables. PPP If shortname authorization is enabled on the server and a mail account password is encrypted, the password can now be changed in webmail. PPP If a service fails the Watchdog monitoring tests, the service will be now immediately restarted without the 5-minute downtime as it was earlier.

PPP On Ubuntu Excluded a number of outdated, insecure, or not popular extensions and components from the recommended and full presets. Backups created in Plesk Onyx Windows Updated Node. Added messages explaining what happens after update if no packages were initially specified in composer. Plesk administrators can use them or can customize the thresholds and turn them on and off for each particular resource usage. Plesk administrators can turn on and off these notifications.

Additional users with the rights to manage a single subscription but whose email address was created under a different subscription for example, a user created under example. When a user buys an extension and is redirected to Plesk Online Store, the user no longer needs to select the purchase options once again. User who have already installed these extensions will be able to remove them and will not be able to install them anymore.

Users who have not installed—will not see deprecated extensions in the Extensions Catalog. Users can now clearly see what is being checked by Smart Updates and what issues are found on which pages.

Full analysis summary with update forecast is now also available to users for making an educated decision about the update or for drilling down into issues found by the system. Smart Update now analyzes sitemap to determine which pages to check. Users can create a custom sitemap file specifically for Smart Updates to define which pages should be analyzed up to Smart Update will notify users about preexisting issues on the website even if the update process itself went smoothly.

Smart Update now checks for unexpected PHP errors, warnings, and notices on the website. Smart Update now checks for presence of plugin shortcodes, which typically indicates broken plugins. WordPress websites using really old PHP versions 5. A prompt to change the PHP version is displayed for convenience, if users have the permission to manage PHP version on their website. Smart Update toggle is now available as a separate switch on the website card, making sure the feature is easy to see and access.

Smart Update now gets VIP treatment from the screenshot making service, being finally able to request as many screenshots as needed. Smart Update now detects the database limits before actually trying to clone the website for analysis. Smart Update threshold settings were removed as a part of UX streamlining.

Smart Update screen displayed upon following the link in the notification email is now branding-neutral. The algorithm of making website screenshots for Smart Updates was improved to better reflect the actual website look in certain cases.

Finally, users can see the goddamned cactus succulent from the Twenty Seventeen theme in all its glory! Smart Update failure no longer has a slim chance to accidentally remove the database of the source website under certain rare circumstances.

PHP Composer 0. Warning messages and explanations how updates works now differ depending on the type of available updates major, minor, patch, or secondary dependancies updates. Scaling a browser window no longer merges the Install and Update buttons into one dropdown menu. Added the following Plesk notifications: Plesk updates are available. A Plesk update has not been installed.

Web Application Firewall: a new rule set or new rules have been installed. This mode groups controls of each website in blocks we call cards similar to those in WordPress Toolkit.

Internal stability and security improvements. We strongly recommend that you update the extension. Users can now automatically configure DNS for subdomains. The extension now supports SPFM records. Tools block was moved to a separate column on the website card for increased visibility and easier access.

Smart Updates no longer fails to update websites that have issues with infinite redirects. When Postfix is used, mail. Updated Plesk banners Plesk Welcome screen, Plesk initializing screen, and others shown when the Obsidian color scheme is selected. A Plesk edition is no longer shown on the Plesk logo and some other screens.

PPP Duplicate access controls are no longer shown when adding or updating a database user in Plesk that has remote configuration of database servers. The users can also see the information about the mailbox storage disk space, its usage, and limits in the Horde and Roundcube webmail clients. Previously, if the. Plesk administrators and customers can now choose in which mode IIS will run applications: the default bit mode for new applications or optional bit mode for old ones.

Plesk updates of MySQL will no longer overwrite all custom my. Linux Updated Roundcube to version 1. Updated tar to version 1. Updated ModSecurity to version 2. Updated Phusion Passenger to version 6. Website card now has a link to the corresponding domain in Plesk for easier navigation. Smart Update speed was dramatically improved. Screenshot comparison screens shown in Smart Update details were streamlined. Updates screen was cleaned up and polished, eliminating various small UX issues.

Website card view was optimized, making the card a bit more compact. WordPress Toolkit was finally shamed into regularly cleaning up wp-cli utility cache on a per-site basis.

The File Manager link on the website card is now more visible and prominent. WordPress Toolkit now displays more details about the update process of WordPress core, plugins, and themes. This change also affects the Smart Update process, making it more transparent. Sites can now be installed and cloned into non-empty directories including directories with random. Users will be warned and asked for confirmation if target directory is not empty. The task responsible for checking and running automatic updates instances-auto-update.

This despicable behavior was nipped in the bud. If the Grafana extension was disabled, the Advanced Monitoring page now shows a clear error message that suggests enabling Grafana. Grafana now works correctly in Plesk that has the Plesk Premium Antivirus component installed.

The MySQL process details: what queries are being processed and how much resources they consume. Made a number of UX improvements. Plesk users can now move an add-on domain to a new subscription in the Plesk interface the add-domain will then become the main domain of the subscription. Ruby 2. Added support for Node. For reference, use the source code of the Advisor Integration Example extension.

Adding ratings for these recommendations. The Plesk team updates the ratings promptly on demand without launching a new version of Advisor. Removed using the Atomic Advanced rule set from the list of recommendations. The extension is now hidden for all additional users. PPP Linux Adding protected directories for root locations no longer breaks nginx.

Our team worked hard to make this release stable and fixed issues in addition to the ones listed in these Release Notes. Even better, should you have trouble with this build, Plesk support team will accept support requests for Plesk Obsidian Release Candidate 1. The Repair Kit extension in now installed by default. PPP Custom buttons that has their own icons and files which names start with the dash character are now backed up without warnings. PPP Resellers can now sync subscriptions that were once unsynced.

PPP A subscription can now be fully removed if a hard disk quota is not synced. PPP The plesk bin mail –info command now shows a correct value of a mailbox size if the mailbox size is the same as in the corresponding service plan. PPP It is no longer possible to suspend domains until the backup task is completed. There are a number of limitations that we plan to fix in the future releases: SNI certificates cannot currently be backed up, restored, or migrated.

SAN certificates including mail. Domain aliases might have wrong certificates default one, not from site in some scenarios.

Plesk now ships with Postfix 3. In Plesk on CloudLinux, Node. Plesk administrators can now specify the timeout for Apache health check on reload by using the apacheReloadTimeout setting under the webserver section in the panel.

The default timeout is 40 seconds, the minimum one is 5 seconds. The Mailman service is now automatically enabled after enabling mailing lists and rebooting the service. PPP Enhanced reliability of removing subscriptions. PPP The text in the Watchdog component is now fully localized. PPP Plesk administrators no longer receive hourly email notifications that the Kaspersky Anti-Virus license was updated.

PPP The plesk bin domain –show-web-server-settings example. Reduced time necessary for opening the domain overview screen if a subscription has a large number of websites and databases more than The screen is now shown after 2 seconds compared with 10 seconds previously. PPP Backing up of the subscription that has a large number of files no longer finishes with the warning.

PPP Deleting a subscription with a mail account now deletes the mail account system users. PPP Additional read or write permissions are no longer occasionally applied incorrectly to the httpdocs folder.

PPP When a mailbox password is changed to one that exceeds the allowed number of characters, a clear validation error message is now shown. PPP A database backup file can now be downloaded if the file name contains the space or the plus characters. PPP If files were not included in a backup for example, because of the wrong permissions , the files will no longer be added to the backup index and they will be included in the next backup after their permissions were fixed.

Updated MySQL 5. Updated IMP, a Horde component, to version 6. Updated Kronolith, a Horde component, to version 4. Updated Nag, a Horde component, to version 4.

WordPress websites are now put into quarantine if WordPress Toolkit is not able to properly access certain important files. WordPress Toolkit could not manage such websites previously, since WordPress installation list froze if these websites were encountered. This should also address issues with connecting remote servers with such websites.

WordPress Toolkit now provides more information about broken websites to help users identify the website and troubleshoot the problem. Remote Management functionality was improved and updated based on the user feedback.

Clone and Copy Data operations now handle absolute paths in WordPress database. Only server administrators can now purchase or upgrade Smart Update license, as intended. It would be very painful, so this chance was extinguished. Try running the update again. The webmail protection will be then applied by default. On Plesk Obsidian for Windows, the redirect to HTTPS for webmail connections is enabled by default and no corresponding checkbox is shown in the interface.

To achieve this, SSL It! To know which panel. Added descriptions of new SSL It! Plesk administrators can use these settings to customize the appearance and configuration of SSL It!. It makes issuing wildcard certificates also available by default with no need to additionally configure the extension to support ACMEv2.

If ACMEv2 is used, certificates that secure a domain plus webmail are now automatically renewed even if webmail is disabled for the domain. The challenge tokens are now automatically deleted after a defined period of time. Plesk Obsidian Preview 8 May Plesk Plesk users can now move add-on domains between subscriptions in the Plesk interface.

File Manager can now search for files by content. GZ, and TGZ archives. It is now possible to select which NS record will be set as a primary name server in the Plesk interface. The Plesk UI was updated to modernize it, address several UX issues, and make it visually similar to plesk. We streamlined colors and font sizes, and aligned all elements to grid. Check it out!

Using the XML API operator with the operation node to get the list of users for a particular database no longer results in an error if one or more database users have access to all databases on the subscription. PPP Customers can now be suspended and activated without issue even if one or more subscriptions owned by the customer have a remote SQL database server configured and that database server is not available.

PPP File Manager no longer displays files owned by a different subscription to users who log in to Plesk via a login link containing a session token.